Mark Lotstein October 10, 2012 Business

Market Your Business and Do Good

Everyday on TV, in the newspaper and online, I hear about social networking and how we need to use it to market our businesses. While I am a firm believer in social media, it is ...

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Mark Lotstein July 11, 2012 Business

Make Better Use of What You Have

Over the past few years, we have worked with many clients who had implemented scanning and back-office software but were not getting the full use or return on investment from it. ...

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Mark Lotstein April 18, 2012 Business

3 Things to think about

1. Tenure does not equal a good employee On a regular basis people brag to me about how long a manager or clerk has worked for them. They tell me with a big smile because to them ...

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Mark Lotstein January 18, 2012 Business

You have to protect your business!

Nearly every municipality, state and of course the federal government are in need of increased revenue. One of the primary ways they are going about doing this is through the ...

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Mark Lotstein November 18, 2011 Business

Why do stores fail?

Obviously we all know that our industry has a high business failure rate. Many of the reasons are outside of our control and due to the size of this column we are going to put ...

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Mark Lotstein May 18, 2011 Business

Whatever happened to Capitalism in America?

Over the last two years I have seen a very disturbing trend – more and more manufactures have started telling retailers what to charge for their products. Most disturbing of ...

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Mark Lotstein February 18, 2011 Business

5 ideas for better store control and increased profitability

Over the last few months I have traveled around the country and have worked with clients from single store operators to chains with 30+ locations. On these trips I always try to ...

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Mark Lotstein December 18, 2010 Business

So you are not scanning and using a back office software package, why?

It is almost 2011 and as I meet with store owners and talk with folks in the industry I am still amazed at how many people are still not scanning and using a back office software ...

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Mark Lotstein April 7, 2010 Business

There aren’t enough hours in the day to be successful!

I have been around small business all my life. Growing up, my family owned and operated a 12 store grocery chain from the 1960’s to early 1990’s, and for the past ...

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